Ezra Paund čita „Prvi kantos“

Ezra Paund

Na sajtu Open Culture o Ezri Paundu piše:

No student of modernism, no lover of modern poetry, can avoid Ezra Pound, or the problem that is Ezra Pound. Although a notorious and enthusiastic booster of Mussolini’s Italian state during the Second World War, Pound’s influence over the shape and character of American literature in the early 20th century always seems to trump his regrettable, if not particularly surprising, politics. T.S. Eliot, James Joyce, H.D.—all are deeply indebted to Pound. His attempts to bridge Eastern and Western aesthetics are profound, and his own poetry, informed by his devotion to Chinese poetics and immersion in the European canon, comprises an often brilliant, generally intimidating body of work.


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