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Jean-Luc Godard

Jean-Luc Godard

Drugi reditelji o Godaru:

Michelangelo Antonioni: Godard flings reality in our faces, and I’m struck by this. But never by Truffaut.

Luis Buñuel: I’ll give him two years more, he is just a fashion.

Fritz Lang: I like him a great deal: he is very honest, he loves the cinema, he is just as fanatical as I was. In fact, I think he tries to continue what we started one day, the day when we began making our first films. Only his approach is different. Not the spirit.

Quentin Tarantino: To me, Godard did to movies what Bob Dylan did to music: they both revolutionized their forms.

Wim Wenders: For me, discovering cinema was directly connected to his films. I was living in Paris at the time. When Made in USA opened, I went to the first show—it was around noon—and I sat there until midnight. I saw it six times in a row.

François Truffaut: You’re nothing but a piece of shit on a pedestal. […] You fostered the myth, you accentuated that side of you that was mysterious, inaccessible and temperamental, all for the slavish admiration of those around you. You need to play a role and the role needs to be a prestigious one; I’ve always had the impression that real militants are like cleaning women, doing a thankless, daily but necessary job. But you, you’re the Ursula Andress of militancy, you make a brief appearance, just enough time for the cameras to flash, you make two or three duly startling remarks and then you disappear again, trailing clouds of self-serving mystery

Ingmar Bergman: I’ve never been able to appreciate any of his films, nor even understand them. Truffaut and I used to meet on several occasions at film festivals. We had an instant understanding that extended to his films. But Godard: I find his films affected, intellectual, self-obsessed and, as cinema, without interest and frankly dull. Endless and tiresome. Godard is a desperate bore. I’ve always thought that he made films for critics. He made one here in Sweden, Masculin Féminin, so boring that my hair stood on end.

Slikari o slikarima:

1. Salvador Dalí on Piet Mondrian:

“Completely idiotic critics have for several years used the name of Piet Mondrian as though he represented the sum mum of all spiritual activity. They quote him in every connection. Piet for architecture, Piet for poetry, Piet for mysticism, Piet for philosophy, Piet’s whites, Piet’s yellows, Piet, Piet, Piet… Well, I Salvador, will tell you this, that Piet with one ‘i’ less would have been nothing but pet, which is the French word for fart.”

2. Pierre-Auguste Renoir on Leonardo da Vinci:

“He bores me. He ought to have stuck to his flying machines.”

3. Frida Kahlo on the European Surrealists:

“They are so damn ‘intellectual’ and rotten that I can’t stand them anymore… I’d rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas, than have anything to do with those ‘artistic’ bitches of Paris.”

4. Alberto Giacometti on Pablo Picasso:

“Picasso is altogether bad, completely beside the point from the beginning except for Cubist period and even that half misunderstood…. Ugly. Old-fashioned vulgar without sensitivity, horrible in color or non-color. Very bad painter once and for all.”

5. Salvador Dalí on Paul Cézanne:

“I began a happening in New York by announcing in front of three thousand spectators that Cézanne was a catastrophe of awkwardness — a painter of decrepit structures of the past. I was applauded, principally because nobody knew who Cézanne was.”

6. Nicolas Poussin on Caravaggio:

“Carvaggio’s art is painting for lackeys. This man has come into the world to destroy painting.”

Pisci o piscima:

1. Robert Luis Stivenson o Voltu Vitmenu:

“..kao veliki čupavi pas, koji upravo pušten sa lanca, njuška sve strane ovog sveta i laje na mesec”

2. Fridrih Niče o Dante Aligeriju

“Hijena koja piše poeziju na nadgrobnim spomenicima”

3. Vladimir Nabokov o Fjodoru Dostojevskom

“Nedostatak ukusa kod Dostojevskog, njegovo monotono bavljenje licima koja pate od pred-frojdovskih kompleksa i koji se valjaju u tragičnim nezgodama ljudskog dostojanstva – sve to teško da je za divljenje”

4. Vladimir Nabokov o Džozefu Konradu

“Ja ne mogu trpeti Konradov stil prepun prodavnica suvenira, flaširanih brodova i ogrlica od ljuski romantičnih klišea“

5. Henri Džejms o Edgaru Alanu Pou

“Entuzijazam za delima Poa je znak primitivne etape razmišljenja”

6. Elizabeta Bišop o Džeromu Dejvidu Selindžeru

“Mrzela sam „Lovca u raži“. Trebali su mi dani da prođem kroz knjigu, obazrivo, stranu po stranu i crvenela od sramote zbog svake njegove smešne rečenice. Kako su ga pustili da to uradi?”

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